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Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen Designs

The Gilmartins Service

At Gilmartins Catering & Hygiene supplies we can help plan and design the layout of your new commercial kitchen.

With many years of experience in the field we now offer our clients advice in designing your commercial kitchen layout, with help from our in-house design team, to ensure enough thought and space is afforded to each essential area, including Storage, Food Prep, Cooking, Washing and Service areas with careful attention paid to the flow and space within the kitchen so each area is utilized to the maximum.

Kitchen Design Layout

The layout of your kitchen will largely depend on the dimensions available, your budget, the number of personnel/staff present in the kitchen or working in each area, and what kind of food, menu or establishment you are running. A Pizzeria would require a different styled prep layout to a small hotel kitchen.

Ventilation is extremely important in any kitchen and careful attention must be placed to extraction systems above Combi Ovens, Electric & Gas Fryers, Griddles even your washing station to help regulate the kitchen temperature, remove excess hot air and keep your staff in a comfortable working environment.

Design Consultation

Our representatives will talk you through each piece of catering equipment you may require from the smallest blender to commercial ovens, burners, boilers, dishwashers and refrigeration especially can be extremely hard to decide on, we now stock the new EU compliant Hydro Carbon gas system to ensure your fridge is not only suitable for you needs, but it is eco-friendly and extremely efficient to run, saving you money on your energy bills.

While planning your kitchen we stock and incorporate your cleaning needs, we can install dishwasher dispensing pumps, paper and chemical dispensers and ensure you are HACCP compliant with all your cleaning products within the kitchen and throughout your premises.

Not every kitchen can and will be the same all have to be different for a variety of reasons, it will depend on your own specific requirements and needs, we just help you make your ideas work best for you and your staff.