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Sambonet Paderno

Made in Italy this slotted turner is a versatile utensil in any kitchen commercial or domestic, the blade is angled and measures 80cm at the top with a pointed edge for getting under anything, the turner has a comfortable ergonomic polypropylene handle.Dishwasher safeOblique bladeErgonomic polypropy..
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Made in Italy and part of our pizza range from Paderno, this hand held oval pizza peel is a handy to use spatula especially for moving or serving smaller pizzas from a serve over.  The perforated spatula measures 23x18cm and is made from heavy duty stainless steel the ergonomic handle is easy t..
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This perforated spatula has a slightly cranked head with perforations to allow moisture to flow through while in use.  the cranked head measures 90x70mm and has an ergonomic handle with a handy hanging hook.Dishwasher safeRobustPerforatedHanding hole for easy storage..
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A simple round riser to help you display dishes in your buffet or in your deli counter with a 26 or 28cm diameter the riser can be used on either base,.Dimensions 26cm diameter top 28cm bottomHeight 9cmDeli display riserGives height to any dishes..
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This smaller chip shovel is perfect for individual portions or smaller pieces from your fryer, made in Italy by Sambonet Paderno from robust stainless steel, the basket measures 17x21cm approx. and the lip at the front of the basket is bevelled for scooping under and picking up everything in one go...
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Stackable Dough Box
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Stackable Pizza Dough Box lets you save time, money and labour when proofing your dough as it will prevent crusting, increase the storage life of your dough and reduce your need for frequent dough production. It is easy to clean and won’t bend, distort or sag.  Lids are available separately but..
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Stainless Steel Large Funnel
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Made in Italy by Sambonet Parderno, this is an extremely strong and durable funnel, made from stainless steel it is 30cm in diameter with small holes that act as a filter at the base when pouring foods through it will keep any larger bits out, the handle at the top helps stability while you are usin..
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Made in Italy by Sambonet Paderno, this stainless steel lobster pick will help you get to every last delicious piece of your lobster or crab.  The two sharp prongs will scrape out every last bit of meat the handle is also spoon shaped with a crustacean design in the middle of the handle.Stainle..
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This is a very robust manual glasswasher that can be plumbed directly onto the tap for a quick and effective way to clean your glassware, you don't need to use chemicals with this manual glasswasher providing you with a more environmental friendly way of washing your glasses.  There are two bar..
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A grey bus or tote box is available in two depth's both are 21”x16” and 5" or 7” deep, these tote boxes come with integral handles are very hard wearing, durable and easily stackable.  Ideal for cleaning tables or storage. Made with rounded corners for easy cleaning.PracticalRobustStackableDish..
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