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Brand: Hendi
This red and white butchers string has 132m per roll (200g) and is suitable for tying up any joints of meat prior to cooking, the string can withstand high temperatures and will not change the aroma or the taste of the meat.132 metersUnbleached cotton butchers stringColour red & whiteSoft & ..
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Brand: Hendi
Hendi Chafing dish fuel is made from natural ethanol alcohol, mixed with water and a thickening agent to make it a solid or gel. To safely and efficiently warm chafing dishes, we urgently advise to place the chafing dish fuel can in the indicated fuel holders. The heating capacity is equal throughou..
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Brand: Hendi
This Anti-Slip disposable piping bag from Hendi are suitable for hot and cold preparation and meets all HACCP standards.Disposable Anti-Slip piping bagSuitable for hot or cold preparationHACCP compatibleBag thickness 80 micronRoll of 100 per boxBlue in colourDispenser box..
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Brand: Hendi
A high quality Asparagus & Pasta steamer set, the extra height allows the steaming of extra long asparagus, pasta or any vegetables and even fish.  The set consists of a 5.5lt pan with a large steamer pan and lid.Steamer setCapacity 5.5ltExtra height for steaming AsparagusSuitable for use o..
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Brand: Hendi
This high powered blender is perfect for creating cocktails, smoothies or desserts and can even crush ice in seconds.  The 2.5lt capacity break resistant jug has a firm lid made from polypropylene and a small lid cover.  You can control the speed and pulse of the titanium coating blender b..
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Brand: Hendi
A pack of 8 blackboard markers from Hendi, the markers have a round 3mm tip for easy writing and the colours include White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow & Red.Pack of 8 markersRound nibErasable with a damp cloth..
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Brand: Hendi
The HENDI Jet chefs’ torch was designed by the renowned Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser. The iconic shape fits nicely in the hand and the nozzle design ensures always consistent results. The flame size can be regulated, and the torch works at all angles, even upside down, helping to achieve perfect..
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Brand: Hendi
This practical and strong tote box is perfect for clearing off plates in any busy kitchen or restaurant, it's large capacity allows for plenty space to fill and the intergrated handles make it easy to transport when full.  They are stackable making storage easier where space is at a premium.Dim..
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Brand: Hendi
This professional burger press makes consistent burger patty's up to 5" in diameter 130mm. The easy to grip lever will release the formed patty from the press after the initial pressure has been applied.  This press is an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone making there own homemade burger..
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Brand: Hendi
These professional kitchen cut resistant gloves offer protection during the handling and replacing of sharp knives and blades in any commercial kitchen.  The combination of HPPE, polyester and nylon fibres makes the gloves very durable and comfortable to wear while in use.Level 4 cut resistance..
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Brand: Hendi
The Hendi digital 3kg kitchen scales enables precise measuring of ingredients for recipes very easy and fast.  It's lightweight, compact, battery powered and features easy to read display making it perfect for daily use.LED displayModern touchscreen control panelPowered by 3xAAA batteries inclu..
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Brand: Hendi
This high class digital scales from Hendi, is a precision commercial platform scales suitable for weighing in stock upon delivery. Stainless steel scale.Precise measurement thanks to advanced. technology - from 200 g to 200 kg (440 lb).Accuracy: 10-50g / 0,02-0,1lb.Reading in kg or lb.Tare func..
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