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Barbecue & Outdoor's

When the sun comes out its time to spark up your Barbecue and enjoy some outdoor cooking, we have professional quality barbecue supplies from leading stockists like BIG K®, Kitchen Craft and many more, we also stock a full range of BBQ accessories and outdoor furniture including heaters, parasols and tables.

If your a purist preferring natural Barbecue charcoal and lumpwood or the cleaner gas option we have your BBQ supplies covered.


This aluminium chair is just as suitable for indoors or outdoor use. The lightweight chair has a rounded back for comfort. The chair's back and the seat are slatted for strength. When the party's over or service finished, just stack the chairs in an out of the way corner. Manufactured from 25mm tube..
€270.60 Ex VAT€220.00
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Equal parts meat tenderiser, mallet and marinator, the Amco Houseworks' 4-in-1 Metal Meat Tenderiser features everything you need to prepare your meat, fish and poultry for the perfect recipe!  Its prism-shaped head provides four important functions. There's the large pyramided side, which..
€12.61 Ex VAT€10.25
Brand: GenWare
We have a comprehensive range of wooden markers, cocktail sticks and skewers made from Bamboo with limitless uses from buffet finger foods to cocktail decoration to marking steak cooking levels.  These paddles are available in 5 sizes and come in packs of 100  they have a paddle gun shaped..
€3.63 Ex VAT€2.95
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Get those unmistakable smoked flavours when cooking on your barbecue every time with this Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker box, it's really easy to use.  Fill the smoker box with pre-soaked wood chips and place below the food rack on your BBQ, as it gets hot, it smokes and infuses your meat, poultry,..
€11.07 Ex VAT€9.00
A reliable long flame utility lighter from BIC, this multipurpose lighter has a pre set flame height and holds approx. 750lights.Non refillablePre-set flameMultipurpose long flame lighterTested over 50 quality checksConvenient window front for fuel checking..
€3.69 Ex VAT€3.00
Brand: Plastico
100% certified food safe Birchwood wooden skewers, biodegradable and eco friendly option.  Perfect for Barbeque's, fruit salad, marshmallows, chocolate fountain, burgers available in two lengths 180mm and 300mm and sold in boxes of 200 skewers per box.100% food safetwo lengths Small 180mm and L..
€1.85 Ex VAT€1.50
The Bright Spark portable gas cartridge stove is a great solution for small-scale outdoor cooking where a mains gas or electricity connection isn't available.  Lightweight and portable, the stove lets you cook in almost any well ventilated area without the need for leads or hoses - simply plug ..
€60.27 Ex VAT€49.00
Our pink burger discs are designed to hold the natural colour of the meat longer, they are easy to peel away from the patties before cooking and can be frozen.  In boxes of 3000 they are perfect for butchers or home made burgers as you get ready for that BBQ. Measuring 5" in diameter suitable f..
€14.76 Ex VAT€12.00
Brand: GenWare
Butane gas comes is a pressurised gas and is used with our cooks blow torch's we stock the 8oz option only but can get the 4oz on request. ..
€6.30 Ex VAT€5.12
Brand: GenWare
Cast iron steak weight for cooking steak or other meat's evenly and prevents meat from curling.  Made from heavy-duty cast iron, the weight has a wooden handle for comfort and positive handling, the dimension are 108x210mm,  Hand wash only.Handwash onlyHelps cook evenlyPrevents curling of ..
€14.58 Ex VAT€11.85
Brand: GenWare
Part of our Eco-Friendly range of disposable food packaging, These plates are made from sugarcane pulp and are oval in shape measuring 20x26cm they come in packs of 50 plates per pack.  Our Bagasse tableware and takeaway containers are made from sustainable waste sugarcane and are suitable for ..
€6.27 Ex VAT€5.10
Brand: GenWare
This quick fit blow torch head is powerful and simple to fit the Butane gas canister, its complete with auto ignition, simply affix to the 8oz butane canister and you're ready to use.Professional cooks blow torchQuick fit Auto-ignition..
€43.05 Ex VAT€35.00
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