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We stock a range of Catering Thermometers suitable for the food industry, calibrated probe thermometers which include a calibration certificate, as well as a number of options to suit every budget or kitchen environment, speciality fridge or freezer thermometers, steam thermometers for coffee baristas, Jam thermometers, Infrared and digital timers.  
Our main Supplier of thermometers is the ETI Electronic Temperature Instruments, a leading manufacturer of Catering Thermometers for over 35 years which provide a fantastic range to choose from.  When ordering your probe thermometer don't forget to order probe wipes for cleaning and a temperature record book and food hygiene stickers, to keep your kitchen compliant with food safety regulations.

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Brand: Kitchen Craft
This high specification Master Class digital timer measures the internal temperature of meat as it is cooking and will sound an alarm as soon as it is cooked. Includes a programmable function for a variety of meat types such as beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, along with the cooking weigh..
€23.80 Ex VAT€19.35
Brand: GenWare
This Countdown/up timer has a loud audible alarm.  The timer is fully programmable allowing the user to set the timer up to 59 minutes 59 seconds, the unit is powered by one AAA battery and can sit n a worktop or attach to an appliance with its magnetic back.59 minutes 59 second countdown count..
€9.78 Ex VAT€7.95
The Date Code Genie is a labour saving cost efficient labelling system for the foodservice industry.  The Date Code Genie system is cloud-based and customisable for your individual kitchen requirements, it will increase your label consistency and accuracy, simplify food labelling and labour eff..
€1,845.00 Ex VAT€1,500.00
Brand: ETI
This fridge or freezer thermometer features a clear LCD display, max/min, audible alarm and incorporates two temperature sensors; a remote water resistant probe with one metre PVC lead for the appliance temperature and an internal sensor for the room temperature.  The remote probe can be mounte..
€20.48 Ex VAT€16.65
Brand: Kitchen Craft
This stainless steel, fridge/freezer thermometer has a 50mm dial face.  The thermometer indicates temperature over the range -30° to 30°C in 1°C divisions.  The colour-coded area indicates when the thermometer is at the correct temperature for a fridge or freezer.  The instrument can ..
€5.17 Ex VAT€4.20
Infrared Thermometer DT8826
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Suitable for use on Human's or on any object this non contact digital Infrared thermometer is the most hygienic and easy way to check anybody's temperature detecting quickly if they have any trace of fever.  It is essential during the current COVID-19 pandemic that both employee's and clients a..
€67.65 €32.60 Ex VAT€26.50
This Hygiplas mini Infrared thermometer is a compact, lightweight and low-cost infrared thermometer.  Simply aim and pull the trigger to display the temperature of the item being measured.  The LCD display is clear and easy to read the unit is ideal for numerous temperature measurement app..
€63.58 Ex VAT€51.69
Brand: ETI
The multi-function probe thermometer is a compact, and easy to use thermometer ideal for restaurants, bars and cafes as an economical solution for temperature measurement applications.  The thermometer features a display hold facility, max/min memory and a CalCheck 0.0°C function together with ..
€21.53 Ex VAT€17.50
Brand: Kitchen Craft
This stainless steel cooking thermometer is perfect for measuring exact setting points of jams, sugars and deep frying temperatures.  The sugar thermometer reads from 60° to 200°C with cleary marked cooking temperature points.Handwash onlyMercury-freeTemperature range 60°C to 200°C..
€8.55 Ex VAT€6.95
Brand: ETI
The SuperFast Thermapen® is an extremely popular food thermometer, probably the fastest reading contact thermometer on the market, it measures temperature over the range -49.9 to 299.9°C.  Used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it offers a combination of speed, accuracy and convenie..
€116.85 Ex VAT€95.00
Brand: ETI
In every commercial kitchen each fridge, freezer or cold cabinet should have its own temperature log or record book.  The logbook has a wipe clean cover and contains six months supply of easy to use record sheets.  Each book allows the user to enter three readings per day consisting of the..
€6.75 Ex VAT€5.49
Brand: ETI
The ThermaLite® digital thermometers display temperature over the range of -39.9°C to 149.9°C with a 0.1°C resolution and an accuracy of ±0.5°C.  This accuracy is guaranteed for life, dut to the instruments advanced electronics.  The Thermometers weigh only 45grams including battery and fe..
€49.14 Ex VAT€39.95
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