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Mopping Systems

We stock a large range of mopping systems to choose from to suit the commercial sector and domestic users, our range includes Microfibre options which are machine washable, Dry Dust Mopping for large floor spaces such as Hotel Lobbies, Shopping Centres and Hospitals and smaller options to suit the householder and small floor areas.  We have larger buckets with press down wringers and smaller options where you have to wring out the mop yourself.

If you require a colour coded system to be compliant with HACCP most of our ranges are available in the recognised four colours simply choose your required colour when ordering:

  • Red; Suitable for Sanitary and Washrooms
  • Yellow; Clinical and Healthcare
  • Green; General and Bar Restaurant
  • Blue; Low risk areas

We stock all the leading manufacturer's in the sector, SYR Scott Young Research, Ramon Hygiene, Hill Brush, Dosco, Vileda and Rubbermaid.

We ship nationwide with a next day delivery service and all orders over €75 are shipped carriage free.

Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The aluminium telescopic handle is light and rustproof, equipped with 2 grey plastic grips to enable a better grip, ergonomics and also direct contact between the operators hands and the aluminium.  The professional telescopic handle has a double function, it can be used in substitution to the ..
€16.73 Ex VAT€13.60
Brand: Hill Brush
12 Litre deluxe mop bucket with a large cone wringer and offers good durability,  the bucket features a pouring lip and are graduated on the inside for easy dilution marking.  Complete with a fixed handle and they are available in 4 colours Blue, Green, Red and Yellow for HACCP compliance...
€9.23 Ex VAT€7.50
Brand: Hill Brush
Manufactured by Hill Brush, these double bladed heavy duty squeegee's are available in a selection of colours, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow to ensure you are HACCP compliant, the squeegees are available in 2 sizes 450mm and the larger 600mm, The Hill threaded handle fits the Hill hygiene range..
€14.45 Ex VAT€11.75
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A dust mop suitable for dry dusting dry floors in your premises, The kit comes complete with a handle, frame and synthetic sweeper head. The kit is available in two sizes 40cm and 60cm replacement heads are available on request.Dust control sweeperComplete kitReplaceable headsTwo sizes to choose fro..
€36.90 Ex VAT€30.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
High quality plastic break frame to be used with flat mops with flaps.  The mop remains hanging on the frame when being rinsed and pressed.  A simple button to open if comfortably and silently.  They are light, handy and ecological, as it is made of first-rate plastic materials, the 3..
€39.36 Ex VAT€32.00
Brand: SYR
Great value cotton fibre interchange mop head, they are colour coded to suit your designated mopping areas in either Blue, Green, Yellow or Red, to match in with your clothes and mop buckets to stay HACCP compliant.  The mops are 16oz with a looped end to stop fragments of the yarn being left b..
€7.32 Ex VAT€5.95
Brand: Hill Brush
Hill brush anodised aluminium threaded handles all come with a coloured grip and are suitable for use with all their hygiene range of products.  We have a selection of colours to choose from to help you with HACCP complianceColour codedThreaded handleFits all our Hill Hygiene range..
€17.22 Ex VAT€14.00
Hill One Piece Squeegee
-20 %
Brand: Hill Brush
This popular single bladed squeegee from Hill Brush is threaded to fit all handles in the Hill Brush range.  It is overmoulded with a single rubber blade, it's seamless, one piece, very easily cleaned, it's lightweight and very durable.  The rubber in this squeegee is a special oil resista..
€21.09 €16.88 Ex VAT€13.72
Our Kentucky mop handles are available in wooden and aluminium, both come with an aluminium clip that easily clips the Kentucky mop head in place.  The handles are suitable for use with all sizes and make of Kentucky mops a colour coded option is available on request.Wooden or AluminiumReplacem..
€17.21 Ex VAT€13.99
Brand: Dosco
The Kentucky mop head, it is a traditional mop head made from 4-ply cotton. It is highly absorbent, thereby improving mopping efficiency by covering more floor area per stroke. With its in-built tabbing system, this Kentucky mop can be colour-coded in line with HACCP guidelines.Weight: 400gMop Colou..
€3.38 Ex VAT€2.75
Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid® Hygen® microfibre press wringer bucket in yellow allows for easy, no touch wringing for a highly efficient flat mop cleaning system.  Each bucket holds up to 20 damp mops enough to mop 20 rooms at a ratio of one mop per room.  The buckets have a large handle for manoeuvring the..
€110.70 Ex VAT€90.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Microfibre flat mopping head for use on non-slip surface, of also for areas with ingrained dirt and limescale the microfibre flat mop with polyester support and polyurethane flaps for use with the Ramon Flat Break-Frame.  Each head comes with 4 colour coded tags for HACCP compliance.MicrofibreC..
€18.45 Ex VAT€15.00
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