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Food storage and the correct labelling of your food correctly and safely is a major priority throughout the catering industry, these daily food safety labels provide enough space to clearly mark each product details on the label, the labels are 50x50mm 2" square and are available for each day of the..
€5.66 Ex VAT:€4.60
We offer a choice of three fragrances in this premium aif freshener from Fusion, Berries, Citrus and Ocean.  Air fresheners immediately destroy offensive odours while providing long lasting a high quality fragrance to freshen your home, office or work space. Capacity 400mlFragrances to cho..
€2.71 Ex VAT:€2.20
Fusion furniture polish thoroughly cleans dirt, dust and stains on furniture without damaging the wood.  It penetrates into the texture of the wood and protects from external effects, polishing the wood's surface leaving a long-lasting shine and a pleasant odour.Capacity 400mlShake can before u..
€2.34 Ex VAT:€1.90
Manufactured from natural vegetable material and neutral synthetic surfactants, this pearlized luxury hand lotion has a gentle fragrance and produces a rich lather in seconds.  The easy to use pump dispenses a little soap at time making the product last making it cost effective.Capacity 500mlEn..
€2.83 Ex VAT:€2.30
A 70% alcohol wipe suitable for disinfecting hard surfaces and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria on surfaces in 30 seconds.  Available in two sizes of tubs 500 and 1000 wipes, each wipe measures 20x18cm, both tubs come with a carry handle.  To use simply remove the lid from the tub, using ..
€27.90 Ex VAT:€22.68
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