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Matfer Bourgeat

Made by Kitchen Craft this suction based Apple Corer and Peeler is the perfect partner in the kitchen when prepping for Apple pies, Fruit Salads or Snacks.  It peels, cores and slices apples or potatoes quickly and efficiently.  The suction base ensures the unit is stable on your worktop w..
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Made by Matfer Bourgeat this beechwood crepe spatula measures 15.752, 400mm, it has a pointed tip and edge making it very easy to get under your crepe and flip themHand wash onlyMade from attractive BeechwoodFlat pointed crepe spatula400mm 15.75" in lengthSuitable for use on Non-stick crepe pans..
€3.32 Ex VAT:€2.70
Made by Matfer Bourgeat this beechwood crepe spreader will help you spread your crepe mix evenly around your pan Hand wash onlyMade from attractive BeechwoodSuitable for use on Non-stick crepe pans..
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Matfer Bourgeat combines tradition and innovation and are leaders in the manufacture of products for the professional kitchen.  These pans belong to the Classe Chef range, where each frying pan combines thick aluminium and then a four layer coating guarantee non-stick qualities and durability t..
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These handy foil ramekins are available in two sizes and come in packs of 100,  they are extremely versatile and are oven and freezer proof.  The smaller size measures 72mm in diameter and 41mm high with the larger more popular option measuring 86mm in diameter and 50mm high.Foil ramekinsP..
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These oven mitts are extremely heavy duty and protect your hands and forearms from heat while working with excessive heat from ovens a commercial kitchen.  Made from durable leather they are two tone in orange and beige with and inner liner made from wool they are perfect for any bakery or comm..
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Stackable Dough Box Lids
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The Pizza Dough Box Lid, lets you save time; money and labour as it will prevent crusting, increase the storage life of your dough and reduce your need for frequent dough production. It is easy to clean and won’t bend, distort or sag.Easy storagePrevents crustingIncreases storage life of the doughEa..
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