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Brand: GenWare
Our Clip Lock storage containers are a great addition to any busy commercial kitchen, suitable for use in home economics or student canteens or in any domestic pantry for dry storage.  Made from clear polypropylene material, the storage containers are supplied with a tight fitting clip lock lid..
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Brand: GenWare
Our Cocktail Shakers are crafted to high specifications with bar professionals in mind.  They are available in three colours Copper, Gun Metal and Stainless Steel.  This popular 3 piece shaker is 50cl or 17.5oz.  The Copper option is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed.Quality..
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Brand: GenWare
Our colour coded stainless steel utility tongs help prevent cross-contamination during food handling,  They are available in 6 different colours to suit your requirements Green for Salad & Fruit, Red for Raw Meat, Blue for Raw Fish, Yellow for Cooked Meat, Black for General Use, Purple for ..
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Brand: GenWare
These salt or pepper grinders are available in some bold colours to suit your decor or mood.  They have a high-quality ceramic mechanism that can be adjusted to allow the grind size to suit but do not over tighten, they are 5" in height and come with a pair of knobs with each mill S or P t..
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Brand: GenWare
This dual-purpose acrylic holder has a grinder in the bottom for Pepper and salt can fit in the top section so you have both in the one shaker.  ..
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Brand: GenWare
This Modern collection of menus boast a bold imbedded "Menu" text and a double stitched front cover design.  Featuring a leather look and feel, these menus are made from clean, robust and scratch resistant PU material.  They are available in A4 and A5 sizes and in Black or Wine Red.  ..
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Brand: GenWare
This quick fit blow torch head is powerful and simple to fit the Butane gas canister, its complete with auto ignition, simply affix to the 8oz butane canister and you're ready to use.Professional cooks blow torchQuick fit Auto-ignition..
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Brand: GenWare
This Countdown/up timer has a loud audible alarm.  The timer is fully programmable allowing the user to set the timer up to 59 minutes 59 seconds, the unit is powered by one AAA battery and can sit n a worktop or attach to an appliance with its magnetic back.59 minutes 59 second countdown count..
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Brand: GenWare
1lt Stainless Steel Cream Whipper is a universal whipper specifically made for the catering market, ideal for busy restaurant kitchens with a high volume of orders.  Simple to use pour the cream inside and put the bulb in the cartridge and you will have whipped cream in seconds.  Perfect f..
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Brand: GenWare
Domestic Cream Whipper is a whipper specifically made for the domestic market, ideal for smaller restaurant kitchens.  Simple to use pour the cream inside and put the bulb in the cartridge and you will have whipped cream in seconds.  Perfect for portion control and easy dispensing.Eas..
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Brand: GenWare
Made from virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate this black deli spoon, won't tarnish or bend, the handle is wide enough for a secure grip & has an angled back to rest against your Deli display dishes, the thumb rest provides for comfortable handling while serving at your Deli Counter, there are tw..
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Brand: GenWare
These black deli salad tongs are 9" in length they have a small head with a scoop one side and a spork the other side, they are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate they are durable, dishwasher safe and suitable to use with our range of deli crocksDishwasher safeBlack in colour Strong ..
€3.79 Ex VAT:€3.08
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