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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid’s baby Changing Station's are available in vertical or horizontal, they have a large deep bed with an adjustable safety belt. The station is designed with antibacterial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odours and stains. The station is foldable, with an easy on..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
The Kentucky mop head, Manufactured by Rubbermaid it is a traditional mop head made from 4-ply cotton. It is highly absorbent, thereby improving mopping efficiency by covering more floor area per stroke. The Kentucky mop is rot free, ensuring a long lifespan for the mop. With its in-built ..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid® Hygen® microfibre press wringer bucket in yellow allows for easy, no touch wringing for a highly efficient flat mop cleaning system.  Each bucket holds up to 20 damp mops enough to mop 20 rooms at a ratio of one mop per room.  The buckets have a large handle for manoeuvring the..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Part of the Pro Serve range from Rubbermaid, the Pizza Delivery bag ( Rubbermaid alternative code FG9F3600 ) is designed especially for professional food delivery. Its RCP “Steam Release System” enhances thermal retention properties; steam will be released more effectively and moisture retention wil..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid's Brute® Bin range of heavy-duty containers is ideal for use anywhere. Their durable design ensures that they will not rust, chip or peel, and will resist dents in both indoor and outdoor conditions.  The containers are designed with built-in handles for easy, non-slip lifting. In ad..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid's Brute® range of heavy-duty containers is ideal for use anywhere. The containers are designed with built-in handles for easy, non-slip lifting. In addition, the containers are designed with a double-ribbed base, ensuring increased stability and dragging capacity.The snap-on lids for the ..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid flex™ enriched foam 75% alcohol plus hand rub refill 500ml, the enriched foam is gentle on the hands and comes in a handy to install bag, Rubbermaid enriched foam alcohol rub kills 99.99% of germs500ml Pouch5 pouches per case75% Alcohol hand rubSuitable for use with Rubbermaid Flex™ ..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid Flex™ skin care system's revolutionary design allows you to use either either 500ml foam or liquid refills in the same dispenser we currently stock the Flex™ enriched 75% Alcohol rub option to help fight COVID-19 and other Infections.  The Flex™ enriched Alcohol plus hand rub is a a ..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid foam enriched antibacterial soap fits the Rubbermaid foam soap dispensers, they are ideal for your washroom no matter which sector you work in.  The soap comes in 800 ml bag in a box refill that is easy to replace in the dispenser.  The antibacterial soap helps to control the gr..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Durable and easy to install, easy to use and a cost effective solution for your washroom.  The manual foam soap dispenser with its antimicrobial protection on the dispensing lever inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives added protection.  The antibacterial foam soap that is used comes in..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid's range of CaterMax Insulated carriers are an innovative system that allows hot and cold foods to be transported and served at the perfect temperature. Their specially designed seal helps retain temperature without using unreliable gaskets that can wear out and harbour harmful bacteria.&n..
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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid’s safety storage bins come in two different models: midi and maxi. They are a convenient scoop storage system that complies with FDA Food Code 3-304.12 and HACCP guidelines. A scoop hook allows the safe storage of the scoop in the container with no contact between the handle and the food...
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