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Brand: Optima
Optima sanitising probe wipes measure 130x130mm approx. there are 200 Wipes per tub. Probe wipes are used primarily for cleaning food temperature probes and other kitchen utensils that are in contact with food, these wipes can be used on a number of different applications to clean, sanitise and disi..
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Brand: Optima
Microfibre cloths are the ultimate cleaning cloths they remove up 99.9% of bacteria with just water.  Fibre can be described as microfibre when it weighs less than 1 gram per 10km of length to give you an idea, this is 100 times thinner than a human hair.  Microfibre is made from a mixture..
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Brand: Optima
Ramon Proguard Tough Industrial gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex. They provide enhanced abrasion protection ideal for heavy duty applications. The gloves have been independently tested and will provide protection against most detergents, acids, alcohols in addition to alkalis. The g..
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