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Dick ProDynamic Kitchen Knife

Dick ProDynamic Kitchen Knife
Dick ProDynamic Kitchen Knife
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  • Model: D8520004
  • Weight: 0.03kg
  • Dimensions: 250.00mm x 20.00mm x 320.00mm

Made in Germany by F.Dick, the ProDynamic series are available with different handle colours and are all compliant with HACCP guidelines,  The steel quality of each knife is the heart of the range, the laser tested edge guarantees a sharp edge and thus a consistently good cutting performance.  The ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable feeling when cutting this Kitchen knife is 8cm in length and has a straight pointed blade, never wash your kitchen knives in a dishwasher always hand wash them with care.

  • Hand wash only 
  • Blade length 8cm
  • Straight laser tested edge
  • Ergonomic black handle
  • High quality steel blade
  • Made in Germany

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