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Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by leading pizza specialists Gi-Metal and part of our extensive pizza equipment range, this pizza peel belongs to Gi-Metal's Napoletana line, designed specially for pizza makers who make their pizza in the Neapolitan style, in traditional Neapolitan wood ovens that reach 500 degrees an..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by Pizza specialist's Gi-Metal, made from stainless steel this flat bottomed pizza ladle is used for dosing and spreading pizza sauce on the pizza dough, with a 6oz capacity one scoop is ideal for any standard pizza.  The flat bottom is perfect to spread out the pizza sauce with e..
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Pizza Oven Ash Shovel
2-3 Days
Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by Sambonet Paderno, and part of our extensive Pizza equipment supplies, this pizza oven ash shovel is suitable for the commercial pizzeria or for cleaning out your home made pizza oven.  The shovel allows you to efficiently collect any ash or burnt out coals from the oven  t..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Part of our Gi-Metal Amica Pizza range of products, this aluminium pizza oven brush has brass bristles and like all Gi-Metal pizza equipment, this oven brush enables quick, effective cleaning of refractory stone from food residues, the flour left by the pizza in the oven and the ash.  The alumi..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by Gi-Metal and part of our extensive Pizza equipment range of products, this wall mounted rack is a very handy way to store your long handled pizza peel, oven brush or ash shovel.  Made from anodised aluminium the rack is easy to install and is very tidy against a wall.  The..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
A heavy duty griddle scraper with a triangular blade measuring 11x10cm, the griddle scraper has an ergonomic handle like all the products in the Gi-Metal pizza equipment we stock its comfortable to use and has a hanging hole for easy storage.Dishwasher safeStainless steel bladeProfessional griddle s..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy and part of our range of Pizza equipment from Gi-Metal the specialists in Pizza equipment and utensils for over 30 years.  This special professional pizza cutter knife is designed to make pizza cutting easier, especially for pizza made in a pizza pan, or in a pizza box.  The ..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy the home of Pizza! This is a professional grade pizza cutter from Gi-Metal the pizza equipment specialists for over 30 years, this Professional pizza cutter, is easy sliding for intense use. The  pizza  wheel  allows  a  firm and easy cut, thanks to the outstan..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
A quality pizza cutter from Gi-Metal, this cutter has a 10cm cutting wheel (4") and an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use while cutting your pizza, certified food safe it has a handy storage hole for hanging and is dishwasher safe.Dishwasher safeEasy to useErgonomic handleStainless steel 10..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Perfect for cutting pizza or any dough, this rigid dough cutter has a stainless steel blade measuring 7.5 x 15cm (3X6") the ergonomic handle makes the cutter easy to use and it can be easily stored.Dishwasher safeStainless steel bladeErgonomic handleDimensions 7.5 x 15cmHanging hole for storageAlso ..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Our range of Pizza equipment now includes products and utensils from market leader Gi-Metal and this roller docker is by far the best we have come across to date, it has an extremely robust stainless steel handle and rounded pins set in the roller for rolling out pizza dough or any flat breads. Simp..
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Brand: Gi-Metal
Part of our extensive range of pizza equipment this traditional brass Neapolitan oil can has  a 1lt capacity, the oil can looks the part and is perfect for drizzling a little oil to your pizza.Hand wash onlyMade in ItalyNeapolitan oil canTraditional lookingCapacity 1lt..
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