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Perfect Crust Pizza Liner

Perfect Crust Pizza Liner
Perfect Crust Pizza Liner
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  • Model: DIS343
  • Weight: 3.38kg
  • Dimensions: 310.00mm x 310.00mm x 90.00mm

Made in the USA, this Pizza Liner from Perfect Crust allows you to handle all of your pizza with ease.  the liner eliminates the cardboard taste that you find without a liner.  The pizza liner absorbs grease and allows moisture to escape, which ensures a crisper crust every time.  Our pizza liner will keep your pizza 12-15° degrees warmer upon delivery.  We stock the 12" option with more to come on stream when demand increases.

  • 250 liners per box
  • Diameter 12"
  • Bi-directional patented bumps first allows moisture to escape, then absorbs grease providing a crispier crust
  • Keeps your pizza warmer for longer
  • Allows you to handle and lift your pizza with ease
  • Provides excellent pizza presentation
  • Eliminates cardboard taste
  • Made in the USA
  • The best pizza liner in the world!

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