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Gannon's Sterisafe Sterilising Fluid 5lt

Gannon's Sterisafe Sterilising Fluid 5lt
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Gannon's Sterisafe Sterilising Fluid 5lt
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  • Model: CHM004
  • Weight: 5.80kg
  • Dimensions: 380.00mm x 290.00mm x 310.00mm

Gannon's Steri Safe is a chlorine based sanitiser similar to Milton sterilising fluid, for sterilising non-metallic work surfaces, cupboards, chopping boards, plastic utensils, fridges, freezers and floors. SteriSafe contains 2% Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid).  Take 50mls of SteriSafe Sanitizer and add to 1 litres of water and add to a spray bottle for easy use.  Always wear protective gloves, face and eye protection when using as it can cause skin irritation and cases serious eye damage. 

When sanitising ensure all cleaning procedures are completed before infection control procedures are carried out.  When sanitising equipment pay attention to high touch surfaces like door handles, tables, sinks and switches. Sold in Gallon containers 4 per box.

  • Sanitising Liquid
  • 4x5litre per case
  • use 50ml per 1 litre of water
  • Do not mix with any other chemical or detergent
  • Wear protective clothing when using


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