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BBQ Accessories

We have a large selection of wooden and stainless steel skewers and all the tools you require for your home or commercial BBQ, our skewers are made from Beech wood and are food safe, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs or menu.  For home made burgers we have burger presses, small to large depending on the quantity of patties you are going through, and waxed sheets to keep them moist and individual.  All our BBQ tongs and other safety items like gloves and thermometers are found here.  We ship all our BBQ accessories throughout Ireland.

Brand: GenWare
We have a comprehensive range of wooden markers, cocktail sticks and skewers made from Bamboo with limitless uses from buffet finger foods to cocktail decoration to marking steak cooking levels.  These paddles are available in 5 sizes and come in packs of 100  they have a paddle gun shaped..
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Brand: Plastico
100% certified food safe Birchwood wooden skewers, biodegradable and eco friendly option.  Perfect for Barbeque's, fruit salad, marshmallows, chocolate fountain, burgers available in two lengths 180mm and 300mm and sold in boxes of 200 skewers per box.100% food safetwo lengths Small 180mm and L..
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The Bright Spark portable gas cartridge stove is a great solution for small-scale outdoor cooking where a mains gas or electricity connection isn't available.  Lightweight and portable, the stove lets you cook in almost any well ventilated area without the need for leads or hoses - simply plug ..
€60.27 Ex VAT€49.00
Our pink burger discs are designed to hold the natural colour of the meat longer, they are easy to peel away from the patties before cooking and can be frozen.  In boxes of 3000 they are perfect for butchers or home made burgers as you get ready for that BBQ. Measuring 5" in diameter suitable f..
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Brand: GenWare
Cast iron steak weight for cooking steak or other meat's evenly and prevents meat from curling.  Made from heavy-duty cast iron, the weight has a wooden handle for comfort and positive handling, the dimension are 108x210mm,  Hand wash only.Handwash onlyHelps cook evenlyPrevents curling of ..
€14.58 Ex VAT€11.85
Brand: Dick
Made in Germany Friedr. Dick have been making chef's knives and butchers since 1778 all to the highest quality.  The quality meat tenderizer or steak hammer, features a spiked side and a flat option to bring out the best results when preparing your meats.  The easy to ergonomic handle make..
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Brand: Kitchen Craft
For a much lighter coating and a healthier approach to grilling, basting, sauteing and dressing, this stylish fine mist spray from MasterClass is perfect for adding oil to cooking through a light spray.  Simple to use, the cap is pumped into the base a few times before the spray is applied to f..
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Brand: GenWare
This 19cm turner is made from high quality stainless steel with a plastic handle for excellent grip. Used for turning food items on grills, frying pans and other cooking equipment in any fast food outlet.  The turner is robust and can be used to press down on the food while on the grill. The bl..
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We stock a wide range of spatula's turners and kitchen utensils for every situation in any kitchen environment,  this hamburger turner has an ergonomic polypropylene handle with a hole for easy storage.  The solid stainless steel blade measures 140x140 and is cranked slightly towards the h..
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Brand: Hendi
This professional burger press makes consistent burger patty's up to 5" in diameter 130mm. The easy to grip lever will release the formed patty from the press after the initial pressure has been applied.  This press is an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone making there own homemade burger..
€313.65 Ex VAT€255.00
Brand: Hendi
Modern and effective tool for meat improvement, the interspaced vertical blades reduce the length of meat fibers.  Perfectly tenderizes meat by softening the tissue and flattening meat at the same time.  Marinating time can be reduced by up to 25%, because the surface area of the meat is s..
€39.90 Ex VAT€32.44
Brand: Kitchen Craft
The Italian Collection Cast Iron Mincer is ideal for making your own mince from prime cuts of meat. This set includes three discs for different sized mincing, a sausage making attachment and screw clamp fittings for a secure hold whilst in use. Spare blades and accessories are also available. N..
€40.84 Ex VAT€33.20
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