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Bins of all shapes, sizes and styles for the kitchen, bathroom or outside, with bags to fit each available in recycling or general waste.  Cloths for wiping and polishing, in different colours and strength's, microfibre also available in cloths and mops. Chemicals suitable for kitchen and household use in gallons and easy to use spray bottles.  Gloves heavy duty for kitchen porters or even outside cleaning with extremely strong chemicals or regular lightweight gloves for food handling you should find here.  Colour coded moping systems with wringers to suit your HACCP compliance. 

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Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The aluminium telescopic handle is light and rustproof, equipped with 2 grey plastic grips to enable a better grip, ergonomics and also direct contact between the operators hands and the aluminium.  The professional telescopic handle has a double function, it can be used in substitution to the ..
€16.73 Ex VAT€13.60
Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid’s baby Changing Station's are available in vertical or horizontal, they have a large deep bed with an adjustable safety belt. The station is designed with antibacterial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odours and stains. The station is foldable, with an easy on..
€430.50 Ex VAT€350.00
A durable high speed hand dryer that will suit most establishments especially, service stations or schools.  The Cheetah high speed hand dryer are engery efficient and will reduce your cost when compared to paper towels and standard hand dryers.Stainless steel construction1550w energy efficient..
€276.75 Ex VAT€225.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A good quality caddy tray that allows the user to take all their cleaning equipment they require without the need to make multiple journeys.  The tray has four separate compartments to isolate products and has a strong handle for carrying.RobustPractical and economicalSaves time..
€6.15 Ex VAT€5.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
High quality trigger spray used with our spray bottles, they are available in in 5 colours to adhere to your HACCP compliance to prevent cross contamination.  The bottles are sold separately.Colour codedHigh quality..
€1.60 Ex VAT€1.30
The Cub high speed hand dryer from ATC is unique and has a sleek design, this compact high speed hand dryer is best placed in areas of low footfall.  The perfect fit across a range of industies.Dries hands in 15 secondsLow running costsSuited to areas of low trafficLED countdown timerBrushed st..
€166.05 Ex VAT€135.00
Brand: Pujadas
This dishwasher basket or dishwasher rack as it is more commonly called measures 50x50cm, this open dishwasher basket is suitable for washing all your cups, dishes and containers in one go.  The rounded corners ensure this heavy duty dishwasher basket can be pulled out of your dishwasher smooth..
€22.76 Ex VAT€18.50
Brand: Pujadas
This dishwasher basket or dishwasher rack as it is more commonly called measures 50x50cm, the plate rack is allows for faster drying times thanks to the specially designed pegs ensure that each item is held securely in place.  The rounded corners ensure this heavy duty dishwasher basket can be ..
€28.60 Ex VAT€23.25
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A dust mop suitable for dry dusting dry floors in your premises, The kit comes complete with a handle, frame and synthetic sweeper head. The kit is available in two sizes 40cm and 60cm replacement heads are available on request.Dust control sweeperComplete kitReplaceable headsTwo sizes to choose fro..
€36.90 Ex VAT€30.00
Brand: Hill Brush
A dustpan and soft bristle brush set features a bonded rubber strip on the dust pan to ensure all dirt is picked up.  The brush has soft black bristles for cleaning fine particles from floors and also hard surfaces, it clips easily into the dustpan for storage.  The set comes in a choice o..
€6.77 Ex VAT€5.50
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
We have a comprehensive range of floor pads suitable for use with 17" polishing machines, there are five pads per case with each colour suitable for a different task from floor scrubbing, cleaning and polishing for all floor surfaces.Black Stripping Pad suitable for heavy-duty removal of dirt, wax a..
€35.67 Ex VAT€29.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Heavy duty galvanised steel scourer large size ideal for commercial use, rust resistant and long lasting.  Do not use on scratch resistant surfaces.  10 scourers per bag and we would recommend you use rubber gloves while using this scourer.Heavy duty scourerRust resistant..
€4.92 Ex VAT€4.00
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