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Bins of all shapes, sizes and styles for the kitchen, bathroom or outside, with bags to fit each available in recycling or general waste.  Cloths for wiping and polishing, in different colours and strength's, microfibre also available in cloths and mops. Chemicals suitable for kitchen and household use in gallons and easy to use spray bottles.  Gloves heavy duty for kitchen porters or even outside cleaning with extremely strong chemicals or regular lightweight gloves for food handling you should find here.  Colour coded moping systems with wringers to suit your HACCP compliance. 

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Brand: Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid’s baby Changing Station's are available in vertical or horizontal, they have a large deep bed with an adjustable safety belt. The station is designed with antibacterial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odours and stains. The station is foldable, with an easy on..
€516.60 Ex VAT€420.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A good quality caddy tray that allows the user to take all their cleaning equipment they require without the need to make multiple journeys.  The tray has four separate compartments to isolate products and has a strong handle for carrying.RobustPractical and economicalSaves time..
€6.15 Ex VAT€5.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
High quality trigger spray used with our spray bottles, they are available in in 5 colours to adhere to your HACCP compliance to prevent cross contamination.  The bottles are sold separately.Colour codedHigh quality..
€1.60 Ex VAT€1.30
Brand: Naturelle
Polythene disposable aprons are available in a flat pack of 100 aprons they are white in colour (blue is available on request) and very practical in healthcare, nursery, or school environments, especially any where looking for PPE during this COVID19 crisis.200 aprons per rollEasy to put onKeep your..
€7.07 Ex VAT€5.75
Brand: Hill Brush
The Hill Brush Litter Picker is light, strong and versatile.  It is 853mm in length has a lightweight aluminium body and a sturdy but high visibility plastic TriggerGuard™ grip handle which makes it easy to hold and use.  The guard protects the hand in difficult undergrowth areas, and may ..
€23.99 Ex VAT€19.50
Brand: Numatic
These genuine Henry hoover bags will ensure you get optimum cleaning from your Henry hoover.  Suitable for use with Henry, Hetty, Harry & James hoovers, they are also compatible with container sizes: 160, 180, 200, 240, 250 & 300 the container size can be found on the rating label attac..
€24.97 Ex VAT€20.30
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A competitively priced Janitors trolley made from heavy-duty plastic construction.  The trolley has 3 convenient shelves for storage and clips on the side for storage of brushes, mops or other accessories needed while cleaning.  The large front platform is suitable for holding a mop bucket..
€202.95 Ex VAT€165.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Especially designed for use in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hotels this card is ideal for the collection of dirty laundry in its 178 litre PVC bag.  The bag is easily removable and can be washed between uses.  The dimensions of the cart are 690X670X910mm.  The castors make the cart ea..
€91.94 Ex VAT€74.75
Brand: Numatic
Hepa-Flo hoover bags are suitable for use in the Numatic industrial hoovers these high efficiency filter bags will  add years to your Numatic hoover NVM-2BH Hepa-Flo Hoover BagNo dust No messWhat goes in stays inHigh efficiency filter bags10 bags per box..
€30.44 Ex VAT€24.75
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The ‘bendy’ dust buster is designed to clean the most awkward of places with ease. Compatible with a microfibre sleeve (B030413) for durable, reusable cleaning. Or alternatively try with our disposable dust buster sleeve with glue, perfect for removing dust, dirt and grease from surfaces. For extra ..
€53.75 Ex VAT€43.70
Ramon H-Cube Service Trolley
-22 %
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The H-Cube housekeeping trolley from TTS is a discrete, efficient and compact housekeeping trolley that allows you to carry out daily cleaning and restocking of guest amenities quickly and without attracting attention. This Trolley is ideal for use in holiday villages as well as luxury or small hote..
€854.85 €670.35 Ex VAT€545.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves offer protection to hands and nails from the harsh effects of detergents and warm water. Ideal for the janitorial cleaner as they are colour coded to avoid cross contamination.  Anatomically shaped to ensure comfort and flexibility in addition to reduci..
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