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Waste Management

We stock a range of solutions to your waste management system.  From various grades of bin liners and refuse sacks to suit any size bin from hotel bedrooms, nursing homes, kitchen and recycling options.  We also stock a biodegradable range of bin liners as part of our Eco-friendly products.  In our range of bins, we have pedal and swing bins to suit kitchen, canteen or healthcare establishments where hands-free is essential, some also available in colour coded options.  Included in our waste management category are ashtrays that can be mounted on a wall in a smoking area or outside your premises to keep you free from ash and cigarette waste.

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Brand: Hill Brush
The Hill Brush Litter Picker is light, strong and versatile.  It is 853mm in length has a lightweight aluminium body and a sturdy but high visibility plastic TriggerGuard™ grip handle which makes it easy to hold and use.  The guard protects the hand in difficult undergrowth areas, and may ..
€23.99 Ex VAT€19.50
Brand: GenWare
Stainless steel construction these wall mounted ashtrays are excellent value for money. Available in the stainless steel finish or a matt black coating.  The dimensions are 26x16x28cm.  There are 4 slots in the top so you can extinguish cigarettes and the unit is lockable and has a removab..
€71.34 Ex VAT€58.00
Brand: GenWare
Made from high grade stainless steel these space saving ashtrays are easy to install outside your establishment without intruding to much.Elegant Space savingMade from stainless steelLockable binEasy to installDimensions 46x7.5cm..
€101.29 Ex VAT€82.35
Brand: GenWare
This durable ashtray is ideal for outdoor use. Its windproof lid keeps ash and butts firmly inside the ashtray.  Durable melamine construction withstands heat and resists stains, it has a 14.6cm diameter.Tough and DurableMelamineIdeal for Outdoor UseEasy to CleanDishwasher Safe..
€7.32 Ex VAT€5.95
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