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Chafing Dish & Fuel

Buffet serving is now a regular in every hotel either at breakfast, special occasions or at home, keeping food warm in a chafing dish is straight forward a simple, hot water and chafing fuel below will keep your food moist and warm during service.  They are fantastic for a family function at home such as communion, confirmation, BBQ's or Christmas when you need some thing quick and simple to keep your food warm a chafing dish is the solution, extra pans can be added and replacement fuels are freely available.

Brand: Sunnex
Our range of chafing dishes are made from polished stainless steel. The 1/1 Gastronorm size chafer includes a water pan, a 65mm deep food pan, a cover and 2 fuel holders. The capacity is 8.5lt approx, and is an economical way of keeping food warm for short periods, they are ideal for buffets, family..
€65.44 Ex VAT€53.20
A smaller option Chafing dish for serving one dish, this chafing dish measures 1/2 Gastronorm size, and includes a water pan base, a 1/2 sized gastronorm dish, a lid and one fuel holder. The capacity of the 1/2 sized chafing dish is 3.7lt giving you plenty of room for serving family or customers.Dim..
€48.34 Ex VAT€39.30
Brand: GenWare
Suitable to use alongs side our Charing dishes, this 2 hour chafing gel, is an Ethanol based gel that when light will keep your food warm gently for up to 2 hours.  Available in boxes of 24 we sell the fuel cells  individually for the domestic market.Easy to open Burn time 2 hoursRecy..
€1.85 Ex VAT€1.50
Brand: Hendi
Hendi Chafing dish fuel is made from natural ethanol alcohol, mixed with water and a thickening agent to make it a solid or gel. To safely and efficiently warm chafing dishes, we urgently advise to place the chafing dish fuel can in the indicated fuel holders. The heating capacity is equal throughou..
€1.85 Ex VAT€1.50
Brand: GenWare
Pro Heat adjustable wick chafing fuel gives you the safe option in buffet service. Diethylene Glycol fuel will only ignite via a wicked system and is therefore safer than traditional fuels. This will burn for 6hrs on standard heat, 8hrs on low heat and 3hrs on high heat.Adjustable wick6hrs on standa..
€3.08 Ex VAT€2.50
Our Hyperlux range of chafing dishes are developed for the professional foodservice industry, made to the highest quality the exquisite design makes the range of chafing dishes stand out.  The vintage gold trim legs and handle add the the quality appearance and once you feel the weight you real..
€307.50 Ex VAT€250.00
Our Hyperlux range of chafing dishes are developed for the professional food service industry, this high quality chafing dish stand's out for it's exquisite design. The vintage look gold trim on the shaped legs and handle alongside the finest 18/10 stainless steel are polished to a high mirror finis..
€307.50 Ex VAT€250.00
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