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Barbecue & Outdoor's

When the sun comes out its time to spark up your Barbecue and enjoy some outdoor cooking, we have professional quality barbecue supplies from leading stockists like BIG K®, Kitchen Craft and many more, we also stock a full range of BBQ accessories and outdoor furniture including heaters, parasols and tables.

If your a purist preferring natural Barbecue charcoal and lumpwood or the cleaner gas option we have your BBQ supplies covered.


Brand: Kitchen Craft
This Acrylic salad bowl has a vented ice chamber and a serving spoon and fork, perfect for keeping your favourite salads and fruits chilled.  The salad's bowl ice compartment can be filled with crushed or cubed ice for chilling and then the grill cover is replaced to separate the ice from the s..
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This aluminium chair is just as comfortable indoors as it is out. Square-back with arched arms for comfort. Chair back and the seat is slatted for interest. When the party's over, just stack the chairs in an out of the way corner. Manufactured from 25mm tube, rated at 1.8mm thickness. 530x570x720mm...
€47.97 Ex VAT€39.00
Bamboo Paddle Skewers
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: GenWare
We have a comprehensive range of wooden markers, cocktail sticks and skewers made from Bamboo with limitless uses from buffet finger foods to cocktail decoration to marking steak cooking levels.  These paddles are available in 5 sizes and come in packs of 100  they have a paddle gun shaped..
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Brand: Kitchen Craft
Get those unmistakable smoked flavours when cooking on your barbecue every time with this Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker box, it's really easy to use.  Fill the smoker box with pre-soaked wood chips and place below the food rack on your BBQ, as it gets hot, it smokes and infuses your meat, poultry,..
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BIG K® Charcoal Briquettes 10kg
-26 %
Brand: Big K
BIG K® 100% natural compressed briquette charcoal perfect for your home or professional BBQ, BIG K® make there barbecue briquettes without binders, so there are no nasty chemicals to spoil the smokey flavour of your cooking.  The briquettes are compressed from waste saw dust and wood chips at e..
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Brand: Big K
BIG K® Eco-Friendly firelighters are made from renewable resources are Carbon Neutral and are perfect for Home or Professional Barbecues, Open Fires, Stoves and Campfires.  BIG K® are manufactured in the UK, come in handy packs of 96 and are easy to light.  Made from vegetable wax, they ar..
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Big K® Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg
Hot -12 %
Brand: Big K
Big K® Lumpwood Charcoal will take you to taste perfection every time you spark up your BBQ, this quality Lumpwood Charcoal is perfect for the casual home BBQ enthusiast, its versatile, giving you the flexibility to try out different grilling techniques, yet consistent and dependable.  With a c..
€28.04 €24.60 Ex VAT€20.00
Our pink burger discs are designed to hold the natural colour of the meat longer, they are easy to peel away from the patties before cooking and can be frozen.  In boxes of 3000 they are perfect for butchers or home made burgers as you get ready for that BBQ. Measuring 5" in diameter suitable f..
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Cast Iron Steak Weight
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: GenWare
Cast iron steak weight for cooking steak or other meat's evenly and prevents meat from curling.  Made from heavy-duty cast iron, the weight has a wooden handle for comfort and positive handling, the dimension are 108x210mm,  Hand wash only.Handwash onlyHelps cook evenlyPrevents curling of ..
€11.38 Ex VAT€9.25
Brand: Sunnex
Our range of chafing dishes are made from polished stainless steel. The 1/1 Gastronorm size chafer includes a water pan, a 65mm deep food pan, a cover and 2 fuel holders. The capacity is 8.5lt approx, and is an economical way of keeping food warm for short periods, they are ideal for buffets, family..
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Brand: GenWare
Pro Heat adjustable wick chafing fuel gives you the safe option in buffet service. Diethylene Glycol fuel will only ignite via a wicked system and is therefore safer than traditional fuels. This will burn for 6hrs on standard heat, 8hrs on low heat and 3hrs on high heat.Adjustable wick6hrs on standa..
€2.55 Ex VAT€2.07
Brand: Kitchen Craft
The Kitchen Craft Colourworks Bowls are a set of four virtually unbreakable melamine bowls featuring one in each of the Colourworks colours. They are ideal for use during outdoor dining and picnics, or for use by children and they are guaranteed to brighten any gathering. The bowls also make an idea..
€10.21 Ex VAT€8.30
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