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Cloths, Sponges & Scourers

Browse our range of colour coded cloths, scourers sponges and other wipes here, we stock Micro-Fibre cloths, General multipurpose cloths and glass polishing cloths all colour coded to help you with HACCP compliance in your catering or hygiene environment.  Our cloths are all professional quality and can be laundered many times, our scourers are available in different sizes and stainless steel or galvanised steel depending on your budget or preference.  We ship all our catering cleaning cloths throughout Ireland.

Fine quality 100% cotton tea towel from Dosco, this catering quality tea towel is durable and absorbent which will give you faster drying and a long lasting life.  Available in packs of 10 on request.100% cotton tea towelDurable & absorbentContemporary striped designCatering qualitySold ind..
€2.58 Ex VAT€2.10
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
We have a comprehensive range of floor pads suitable for use with 17" polishing machines, there are five pads per case with each colour suitable for a different task from floor scrubbing, cleaning and polishing for all floor surfaces.Black Stripping Pad suitable for heavy-duty removal of dirt, wax a..
€35.67 Ex VAT€29.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Heavy duty galvanised steel scourer large size ideal for commercial use, rust resistant and long lasting.  Do not use on scratch resistant surfaces.  10 scourers per bag and we would recommend you use rubber gloves while using this scourer.Heavy duty scourerRust resistant..
€4.92 Ex VAT€4.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Ultramaxx jumbo car sponge is a heavy duty, high quality, large sponge for general cleaning.Heavy dutyLarge size 22 x12 cmSuper absorbent..
€1.11 Ex VAT€0.90
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The Optima Plus multi-purpose cloth is a superabsorbent every day cleaning cloth.  They offer good all round durability, absorbency and can be laundered for extended use.  The hydroentangled material with its cellular structure allows great dirt collection and release, a must for all hygie..
€9.96 Ex VAT€8.10
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Optima's large scouring pad is a heavy duty scourer suitable for removing stubborn marks and burnt on food. They must not be used on delicate surfaces as they will mark them.  Available in green they measure 15x23cm and are sold in packs of 10.Heavy duty15x23cm padssupplied in packs of 10Green ..
€3.08 Ex VAT€2.50
Brand: Optima
Microfibre cloths are the ultimate cleaning cloths they remove up 99.9% of bacteria with just water.  Fibre can be described as microfibre when it weighs less than 1 gram per 10km of length to give you an idea, this is 100 times thinner than a human hair.  Microfibre is made from a mixture..
€8.59 Ex VAT€6.98
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Optima's sponge scourer is an everyday all-purpose scourer with an absorbent sponge. Sold in packs of 10 with an ergonomic design for easy use.AbsorbentErgonomic design14x7cmSold in packs of 10 sponges..
€3.69 Ex VAT€3.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Super absorbent, machine washable glass cloths.  They have a coloured band at the edge, you can choose from either green, blue or red for easy identification of user or area.  These excellent glass cloths are suitable for drying or polishing glasses or they can be used as a waiters cloth, ..
€15.19 Ex VAT€12.35
A pumice stone perfect for cleaning your hotplate or griddle, it's easy to use and can be used with our without a handle which is available separate.  Add a small amount of cooking oil on to the warm grill plate (not hot) for better cleaning sprinkle with salt.  Scour in one direction only..
€10.27 Ex VAT€8.35
The grillstone handle is a handy tool to have when using a pumice stone to clean you griddle, it gives a comfortable grip and helps remove the burnt on grease or carbon.For use with Pumice GrillstoneStrong and sturdy constructionComfortable to use..
€49.20 Ex VAT€40.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Boxed roll of all purpose cloths ideal for all types of work surfaces, they can be used wet or dry perfect for mopping up spills, wiping and general cleaning.  Available in 4 colours to fit your colour coded cleaning system to avoid cross contamination.  There are 200 wipes per roll and th..
€11.56 Ex VAT€9.40
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