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Candles & Chafing Fuel

Setting the right ambiance in your restaurant is essential, we offer a good range of quality candles and nightlights that will help you set that atmosphere, our candles are from market leader Bolsius and we have a range of pillar candles, nightlights and tapered dinner candles with various burning times.  Our Chafing fuel is available in gel or Diethylene Glycol which has a wick for controlling the flame.  We ship our candles out via courier overnight throughout Ireland.

A reliable long flame utility lighter from BIC, this multipurpose lighter has a pre set flame height and holds approx. 750lights.Non refillablePre-set flameMultipurpose long flame lighterTested over 50 quality checksConvenient window front for fuel checking..
€3.69 Ex VAT€3.00
Brand: Bolsius
Bolsius are the market leaders for over 150 years their candles have a guaranteed burn time and this pillar candle is another classic in their range, often called a church candle this candle measure's 130x68mm, they can be used on their own or coupled with other pillar candles in the range of differ..
€2.71 Ex VAT€2.20
Bolsius have been manufacturing premium quality candles since 1870. Our pillar range is the  perfect classic candle for every occasion.  The use of pillar candles has always been popular because they burn beautifully with no soot or smoke. They also have a long burning time and create atmo..
€4.31 Ex VAT€3.50
Brand: Bolsius
Bolius candles have been making premium candles since 1870 and are one of the market leaders in this field, The wine red pillare candle will add extra warmth to your decor, the dimensions of the pillar candle are 200X68mm and has a burn time of 78 hours.  Pillar candles are also know as church ..
€4.31 Ex VAT€3.50
Brand: Bolsius
Bolsius Tealights are produced using the best quality waxes to comply with the highest quality of standards.  Available in packs of 200, they can be lit more than once without any problems and they leave minimal residue in the cap after burning.  Ideal for table warmers, Bolsius tealights ..
€20.05 Ex VAT€16.30
Brand: Bolsius
Bolsius Professional T-lights are specifically for the hospitality trade, but can be used in any setting.  Bolsius Tealights are produced using only the best quality waxes and utilising the latest-production methods.  Which means that our tealights always comply with the highest quality st..
€9.23 Ex VAT€7.50
Brand: Bolsius
Bolsius have been manufacturing premium quality candles since 1870, their table candles are 10” tall, are non drip and come in a box of 100 they are available in Ivory or Red. Bolsius Candles are produced using the best quality waxes to comply with the highest quality of standards.  A beautiful..
€43.05 Ex VAT€35.00
Brand: Bolsius
Part of Bolsius True Scents range of beatifully scented candles, made with natural vegan wax, natural extracts and do not drip or soot, letting you experience the very best scent at home, what you see is what you smell! The pink-red Bolsius Pomegranate or Peony scented candle come in a clear glass a..
€3.08 Ex VAT€2.50
Carlingford Scented Nightlights
-10 %
These scented nightlights from Carlingford create atmosphere and the scented fragrance captures the freshness of lemons.  They have an 8 hour burn time and are a superb quality nightlight.Quality candle8 hour burn timeLemon scented nightlight25 candles per pack..
€3.97 €3.57 Ex VAT€2.90
Brand: Sunnex
Our range of chafing dishes are made from polished stainless steel. The 1/1 Gastronorm size chafer includes a water pan, a 65mm deep food pan, a cover and 2 fuel holders. The capacity is 8.5lt approx, and is an economical way of keeping food warm for short periods, they are ideal for buffets, family..
€65.44 Ex VAT€53.20
Brand: GenWare
Suitable to use alongs side our Charing dishes, this 2 hour chafing gel, is an Ethanol based gel that when light will keep your food warm gently for up to 2 hours.  Available in boxes of 24 we sell the fuel cells  individually for the domestic market.Easy to open Burn time 2 hoursRecy..
€1.85 Ex VAT€1.50
Brand: Hendi
Hendi Chafing dish fuel is made from natural ethanol alcohol, mixed with water and a thickening agent to make it a solid or gel. To safely and efficiently warm chafing dishes, we urgently advise to place the chafing dish fuel can in the indicated fuel holders. The heating capacity is equal throughou..
€1.85 Ex VAT€1.50
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