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Bins of all shapes, sizes and styles for the kitchen, bathroom or outside, with bags to fit each available in recycling or general waste.  Cloths for wiping and polishing, in different colours and strength's, microfibre also available in cloths and mops. Chemicals suitable for kitchen and household use in gallons and easy to use spray bottles.  Gloves heavy duty for kitchen porters or even outside cleaning with extremely strong chemicals or regular lightweight gloves for food handling you should find here.  Colour coded moping systems with wringers to suit your HACCP compliance. 

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Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Heavy duty galvanised steel scourer large size ideal for commercial use, rust resistant and long lasting.  Do not use on scratch resistant surfaces.  10 scourers per bag and we would recommend you use rubber gloves while using this scourer.Heavy duty scourerRust resistant..
€4.43 Ex VAT€3.60
Brand: GenWare
This Griddle Scraper is made form stainless steel with a plastic handle for excellent grip. Great for scraping burnt food or any substance off grills and most cooking equipment.  The blade is 11x8cm, and can be used for turning food on the grill to.Durable and HardwearingPlastic handle for easy..
€6.88 Ex VAT€5.59
Brand: GenWare
This long handled griddle scraper is suitable for scraping burnt food or any substance off flat-topped grills.  The long 12" handle means the user can exert extra pressure while cleaning.  The blades are replaceable simply unscrew the holder and slip the new blade in.Long handledDurable&nb..
€15.52 Ex VAT€12.62
Brand: Hill Brush
Hill brush anodised aluminium threaded handles all come with a coloured grip and are suitable for use with all their hygiene range of products.  We have a selection of colours to choose from to help you with HACCP complianceColour codedThreaded handleFits all our Hill Hygiene range..
€12.30 Ex VAT€10.00
Brand: Hill Brush
The Hill Brush Litter Picker is light, strong and versatile.  It is 853mm in length has a lightweight aluminium body and a sturdy but high visibility plastic TriggerGuard™ grip handle which makes it easy to hold and use.  The guard protects the hand in difficult undergrowth areas, and may ..
€23.99 Ex VAT€19.50
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Ultramaxx jumbo car sponge is a heavy duty, high quality, large sponge for general cleaning.Heavy dutyLarge size 22 x12 cmSuper absorbent..
€1.11 Ex VAT€0.90
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The lobby dustpan and brush sets are colour coded so you are HACCP compliant and are available in 4 colours Green, Red, Blue and Yellow.  They are long handled so you don't have to bend while scooping up rubbish or broken glass.  They have a bonded rubber strip on the dustpan so debris is ..
€12.61 Ex VAT€10.25
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A competitively priced Janitors trolley made from heavy-duty plastic construction.  The trolley has 3 convenient shelves for storage and clips on the side for storage of brushes, mops or other accessories needed while cleaning.  The large front platform is suitable for holding a mop bucket..
€147.60 Ex VAT€120.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
Especially designed for use in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hotels this card is ideal for the collection of dirty laundry in its 178 litre PVC bag.  The bag is easily removable and can be washed between uses.  The dimensions of the cart are 690X670X910mm.  The castors make the cart ea..
€87.33 Ex VAT€71.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
A small but very practical utility cart ideally suited for cafeteria's canteen's or food outlets.  The 2 storage trays/shelves are easy to clean and will hold a large quantity of dishes or food and are easily pushed by the two large handles located at either end. The dimensions are 845X430X950m..
€115.62 Ex VAT€94.00
Brand: Numatic
The all-steel construction of today's NQS models is where the Numatic story started.  We learnt from the 250 that the commercial cleaning business was rough and tough but, having said that the majority of our early machines are still working 20+ years later.  After all those years the NQS-..
€319.80 Ex VAT€260.00
Brand: Ramon Hygiene
The Optima Plus multi-purpose cloth is a superabsorbent every day cleaning cloth.  They offer good all round durability, absorbency and can be laundered for extended use.  The hydroentangled material with its cellular structure allows great dirt collection and release, a must for all hygie..
€8.73 Ex VAT€7.10
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