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Colanders, Bowls & Ramekins

Mixing, washing, and food prep you will need a good selection of mixing bowls to store and prep your ingredients, we ship our selection of heavy duty colanders throughout Ireland, suitable for both the catering industry and the domestic kitchen.  Our mixing bowls are available in stainless steel, plastic and traditional stoneware.  We have a large selection of ramekins, stainless steel melamine and crockery. Order your catering equipment in time for next day delivery.  we ship next day throughout Ireland with our full range of catering equipment and utensils.

Brand: GenWare
An extremely heavy duty Colander suitable for draining a number of food products in your busy kitchen, fruits, vegetables, pasta and salads this easy to use two handled colander is up for the job.  Made from high quality aluminium it is durable and very hard wearing it will survive the busiest ..
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Araven offer a complete range of high quality food storage and mixing bowls solutions, We have two sizes to choose from in this polypropylene mixing bowl Medium 12" 5lt and the large 14" 8lt both can withstand boiling water and have a lipped edge for handling safely.  Both dishwasher and microw..
€7.49 Ex VAT€6.09
Brand: GenWare
Our melamine ramekins are versatile and are ideal for portion control of sauces and dips. They have a temperature rating of -20°C to + 70°C, but are unsuitable for microwaves, flame or grill.  They are available in 4 sizes 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz.4 sizes available 1oz 2oz 3oz & 4ozNot Suitabl..
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Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass Sieve Strainer
-15 %
Made in France by Matfer Bourgeat and part of their Exoglass® range of heat resistant utensils, this is a fine mesh strainer with two built in hooks for stability when in use.  The durable stainless steel strainer is heat resistant up to 220°C the diameter is 8" and the one piece Exoglass® hand..
€59.78 €50.80 Ex VAT€41.30
Every kitchen professional or domestic, busy or quiet can always use a selection of plastic mixing bowls, available in three sizes 8" small 2.3lt, 10" medium 4lt and the 12" large holds 7lt.  either to mix or to hold ingredients while you prep these bowls are an economic solution for you. ..
€2.09 Ex VAT€1.70
Brand: GenWare
Scandinavian mixing bowls come in 9 different sizes from the smallest 1lt to the largest 14lt option. All have the traditional Swedish flat bottom with straight sides and a rim at the top. They are easy to clean and is very versatile, and strong, the flat base adds stability while in use. ..
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Brand: GenWare
These smooth sided ramekins are second to none. They are ideal for portion control of sauces and dips. They have a temperature rating of -20°C to +70°C. They are unsuitable for microwaves, flame or grill. They come in 5 colours White, Black, Red, Yellow and Blue.  The capacity they hold ranges ..
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Brand: GenWare
Often called a Chinese strainer or Chinois this conical sieve has a fine mesh base with a strong ring guard underneath, and can be balanced on a saucepan or bowl. The mesh is used for straining purees, soups and sauces. It is very durable and versatile. It also has a long handle with a hole in the t..
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Brand: GenWare
Made from 18/0 stainless steel, these colander are available in 4 sizes, 9" 11" 13" and 16" diameter's, they have two handles so handling is very easy, they are Ideal for draining vegetables or rice and for steaming, even when the base perforations are covered, the side ones ensure quick draining. V..
€12.92 Ex VAT€10.50
Brand: GenWare
Stainless Steel Ramekins are great value for money, they are finished with a high polish for appearance and style.  Ideal for sauces and side portions.  They are available in 4 sizes from 1.5oz up to 12oz, and in 5 vibrant colours.  Must be hand washed they are not dishwasher safe.Hig..
€1.55 Ex VAT€1.26
Brand: GenWare
This conical strainer, also known as a Chinois or Chinese Strainer, has a perforated bottom half for drainage. It can be used for general straining jobs. It comes in 4 sizes from 13cm to 27cm.  They Have a long handle with a hole in the end for easy storage, and a saucepan rest on the othe..
€18.45 Ex VAT€15.00
Brand: Kitchen Craft
The Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Maslin Pan is perfect for making homemade jam, marmalade, chutney and also stock, soups and stews. The stylish Homemade Maslin Pan has everything you need to do it properly. Featuring graduated metric and imperial markings on the inside of the pan, side pouring spou..
€60.70 Ex VAT€49.35
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