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Wire ware Strainers & Gadgets

Stainless steel wire strainers and skimmers are used throughout the catering industry and especially in the fast food sector, our heavy duty wire skimmers will withstand the rigorous day to day abuse needed in a professional kitchen environment, we have a large selection to choose from with a variety of meshes to suit your requirements.  The vegetable strainers are also available along side a selection of gadgets you might need in any kitchen.

Brand: GenWare
This Strong aluminium flour scoop is durable comes with a strong easy to grip handle and is made from classic aluminium construction. It comes in 4 sizes 5oz, 12oz, 24oz and 57oz. Suitable to scoop out foodstuff's such as grain, sugar, flour, nuts and ice.LightweightComfortable handle..
€3.75 Ex VAT€3.05
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Made by Kitchen Craft this suction based Apple Corer and Peeler is the perfect partner in the kitchen when prepping for Apple pies, Fruit Salads or Snacks.  It peels, cores and slices apples or potatoes quickly and efficiently.  The suction base ensures the unit is stable on your worktop w..
€24.60 Ex VAT€20.00
Brand: GenWare
Heat resistant black handled chip scoop from Genware, like the other items in the Buffet serving range the chip scoop has a handy hanging hook for storage, measuring 29cm in length its ergonomic handle is comfy while using for long periods.  Dishwasher safeHeat resistantBlack nylon handleC..
€18.45 Ex VAT€15.00
Brand: GenWare
Aluminium tab grabber also called a check rack, can be permanently fixed to a wall or unit and order slips easily slot into the marbles and is held in place, you can move and place orders anywhere along the rack thanks to the ball bearing action inside the rack, available in 5 different sizes from 1..
€9.84 Ex VAT€8.00
Brand: GenWare
This is a double-handed chip bagger. The plastic material makes it lightweight. It is heat resistant and it won’t dent, crack or break. It controls portions while making while making bagging quick and easy.LightweightDurable and HardwearingEasy to storeEasy to clean Hand wash only23.2x21x5cm..
€8.36 Ex VAT€6.80
Brand: GenWare
This stainless steel Chip shovel is hardwearing and durable. The stainless steel material makes it lightweight. Its face is perforated to allow any grease to drip off.  The scoop is 29cm in length and has a hole at the end of the handle for easy storage.LightweightDurable and HardwearingEasy to..
€6.46 Ex VAT€5.25
Brand: Pujadas
A double mesh strainer suitable for sifting flour, chocolate and icing sugar.  The strainer is has a comfortable wooden handle and is easily stored by the hanging loop, it has two resting hooks for stability when leaving on a bowl or pan. the sieve is 13cm in diameter.Comfortable wooden handleH..
€7.26 Ex VAT€5.90
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Part of the Home Made range of products from Kitchen Craft, this pancake and doughnut batter dispenser will allow you to make your own delicious doughnuts with ease.  The batter dispenser is lightweight and has a non-stick coating, it creates a perfect circle for professional looking pancakes a..
€14.45 Ex VAT€11.75
Brand: Kitchen Craft
The perfect way to squeeze fresh orange juice in the morning is with this glass juicer, simple to use just press the orange or lemon down on the rimmer and collect your morning juice. Dishwasher safeSimple to usePouring spout and handles for easy use..
€3.44 Ex VAT€2.80
Brand: Pujadas
This Griddle Scraper is made form stainless steel with a plastic handle for excellent grip. Great for scraping burnt food or any substance off grills and most cooking equipment.  The blade is 11x8cm, and can be used for turning food on the grill to.Durable and HardwearingABS handle for easy gri..
€6.15 Ex VAT€5.00
Brand: GenWare
This 19cm turner is made from high quality stainless steel with a plastic handle for excellent grip. Used for turning food items on grills, frying pans and other cooking equipment in any fast food outlet.  The turner is robust and can be used to press down on the food while on the grill. The bl..
€12.67 Ex VAT€10.30
We stock a wide range of spatula's turners and kitchen utensils for every situation in any kitchen environment,  this hamburger turner has an ergonomic polypropylene handle with a hole for easy storage.  The solid stainless steel blade measures 140x140 and is cranked slightly towards the h..
€14.72 Ex VAT€11.97
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