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Seafood Accessories

Cooking fish has become very popular at home or in  a busy seafood restaurant, whether you are a seafood specialist's or just a few fish of the day options on your menu, we have all the stock and specialty seafood cooking equipment and utensils you will require in our fish section, from leading suppliers Matfer Bourgeat & Teller and Globel both from France, Sambonet Paderno in Italy, Samual Groves in the UK and of course Kitchen Craft with all their domestic equipment.

So if you enjoy baking a bit of sole, frying a little cod, throwing another prawn on the barbie or trying a bit of Seafood Paella, you should find what you need in this section, if you don't find what you are looking for call us we might have it available in the specialty seafood section of our showroom.

Made in France by Matfer Bourgeat, this aluminium seafood tray measures 30cm 12" and is perfect for serving a seafood platter straight to the table, it can also be used as a display tray fill with ice and place a selection of seafood straight on the tray.Dishwasher safeDimensions 30cm 12"AluminiumRa..
€17.22 Ex VAT€14.00
Brand: Arcos
Part of the Arcos Colour Prof range which come with six coloured clips so you can choose one to attach to the handle in order to be colour coded and HACCP compliant.  The polypropylene handle is covered with a comfortable rubber ergonomic non-slip covering resistant to deformation by extreme te..
€28.24 Ex VAT€22.96
Brand: Arcos
The Colour Prof range of knives all come with six coloured clips so you can choose to attach to the handle any colour you wish.  This Salmon slicer has a long and flexible blade 12" made exclusively from Nitrum® stainless steel.  The knife is used specifically to cut and serve very thin sl..
€24.29 Ex VAT€19.75
Brand: Arcos
Arcos COLOUR-PROF Sole knife is 7” 180mm in length and is made with a Nitrum® stainless steel blade, this knife has a pointed blade and separates sole easily from the spine, with a polypropylene handle which gives greater comfort and is non hygroscopic (it doesn’t absorb liquids), it is also resista..
€17.84 Ex VAT€14.50
Brand: Arcos
This is a very versatile and strong kitchen utensil specifically for seafood, this multi purpose piece of seafood equipment is made from forged stainless steel and extremely hard wearing, the long pinchers is perfect for removing fish bones and at the base of the seafood tweezer there is a lobster c..
€21.16 Ex VAT€17.20
Brand: GenWare
A black round riser for your deli or table presentation, perfect for serving a seafood platter for two, the riser's are anti-slip and very robust. Measuring 25cm diameter at the bottom they are 18cm in height with the top diameter 20cmHand wash onlyNon-slip riserSeafood platters sold separateMeasure..
€12.92 Ex VAT€10.50
Brand: Sunnex
Made from polished stainless steel this escargot serving plate is available in two sizes small and large the small holds 6 Escargot (Snails) and the larger one holds 12 Escargot (Snails) with two integrated handles for serving.Made from polished stainless steelEscargot serving dishDishwasher safeTwo..
€4.61 Ex VAT€3.75
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Practical, odour resistant tongs for simple removal of bones from filleted fish.  The tongs our flat sided and you press the pinchers together to remove any bones.Dishwasher safeStrong Odour resistant..
€4.74 Ex VAT€3.85
Brand: Kitchen Craft
A quality stainless steel fish poacher complete with a heavy duty lift out insert, drainer plate and with two large riveted handles.  This is the perfect fish kettle for poaching fish, made by Kitchen Craft in the UK, it comes with a polished mirror high quality finish.  The two large hand..
€34.93 Ex VAT€28.40
Made in France by Matfer Bourgeat this Aluminium fish scaler will is easy to use and will remove the scales from your fresh fish in minutes, the easy grip handle makes it comfortable to use and has a hanging hole for storage.Dishwasher safeAluminium heavy duty Fish scalerEasy to store..
€24.42 Ex VAT€19.85
Made in France by Teller & Gobel, this is a cute lemon slice squeezer.  Made from clear copoylester the latest generation food grade resin, this lemon squeezer can sit attractively on the dish and you can easily squeeze a little lemon onto your dish without getting your hands dirty.Dishwash..
€15.38 Ex VAT€12.50
Brand: GenWare
The simple way is often the best way and this is the simplest way to squeeze a lemon slice, simply put the lemon slice inside the lemon squeezer and with little effort you will watch as the lemon juice flows out,  the strong durable stainless steel construction allows the lemon squeezer to stan..
€1.40 Ex VAT€1.14
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