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If you are in the busiest commercial bakery or just wanting to bake a loaf at home you will need a good quality baking tin you can rely on time and again, we have baking pans in various shapes sizes and depths to suit your needs, from leading suppliers from throughout Europe, Matfer Bourgeat in France, Sambonet from Italy and Kitchen Craft from the UK, we have loaf tins and cake tins, moulds and trays in non-stick and aluminium we also have the Crusty range with holes in the sizes so you get that extra crusty finish, all are available to ship throughout Ireland within 24 hours of placing your order!

Brand: GenWare
Professional aluminium Bakewell pans are manufactured from high-quality aluminium providing a totally hygienic product, they are available in 5 different sizes all 4cm (1.5") deep.  The baking pans have excellent heat conductivity are 2mm thick and so reduce twisting of the product, prolonging ..
€15.01 Ex VAT€12.20
Brand: GenWare
Professional aluminium baking sheets, they are manufactured from high-quality aluminium providing a totally hygienic product, they are available in 5 different sizes all 2cm deep.  The baking trays have excellent heat conductivity are 2mm thick and so reduce twisting of the product, prolon..
€11.81 Ex VAT€9.60
Carbon Steel Non-Stick Loaf Tin 1lb
-28 %
Brand: GenWare
A very heavy gauge traditional shaped loaf tin.  This Non-Stick carbon steel 1lb tin provides excellent baking results.  Once baked, your treats can effortlessly slide out of the tin, which can then be easily cleaned with no trouble. Perfect for any busy commercial bakery or home kitchen, ..
€8.86 €6.40 Ex VAT€5.20
Part of the Chicago Metallic professional range of bakeware, this multi-tier cake pan is the cake tin required for special occasions for that extra special cake.  This non-stick 4-hole tiered cupcake pan measures 25x27.5cm and 11.5cm high.  The four moulds create a spectacular three-tier r..
€20.30 Ex VAT€16.50
Brand: Kitchen Craft
This baking tray is a real allrounder, ideal for making scrumptious brownies, swiss rolls, flapjacks, biscuits and for general roasting and grilling. With perforations along the entire base, you can create crisp and crusty cookies or brownies from the comfort of your own kitchen. Suited to baking bi..
€8.00 Ex VAT€6.50
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Part of Kitchen Craft's Crusty Bake range, with the small holes in the tin you will be making delicious home made loaves in no time.  The perforations along the base and side remove moisture creating a golden brown crispy crust, banishing the soggy bottom forever! view all the products in the r..
€15.56 Ex VAT€12.65
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Make delicious quiches, flans and tarts with this non-stick, loose base, fluted round quiche tin. The perforated holes along the base and sides ensure the air circulates freely during the cooking process and you can create fruit flans and savoury quiches with the perfect golden-brown, crisp crust. L..
€18.45 Ex VAT€15.00
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Perfect for baking home made mince pies, jam tarts, canapés and little Yorkshire puddings. Create the crispy and crumbly pastry cases that you've always wanted to, with perforated holes within each of the individual bases to ensure that every single one of your pastry cases is crusty and crisp. Let'..
€11.32 Ex VAT€9.20
Brand: GenWare
This classic retro looking baking tray if made from enamelled steel, the vitreous double coating of enamel resists stains and scratches and improves product durability, suitable for cooking or serving.  There are two sizes to choose from Medium and Large, the dimensions of the trays are 33.5x23..
€23.62 Ex VAT€19.20
Gobel's easy to bake release spray is made from canola oil and is ideal for all types of baking mats, trays and tins.  It can also be used on cookware including frying griddle and pancake pans without the risk of oil splatter.Shake before useIf the nozzle becomes clogged run under hot waterCapa..
€7.38 Ex VAT€6.00
THE THOUSAND AND ONE PASTRY KIT: Ideal for the whole family and cooking experts, this kit allows the preparation of homemade pies.QUALITY MATERIALS: Gobel moulds are made of steel coated with a ceramic reinforced bi-layer non-stick coating. With a thickness of 0.5 mm, they are robust and durable. As..
€55.04 Ex VAT€44.75
Brand: Kitchen Craft
A pack of 40 non-stick loaf tin liners, ideal for baking bread and fruit cakes, they are greaseproof, heatproof and are perfect for baking.  Suitable for 2lb loaf tins they measure 20x9x6cmHeatproofSuitable for 2lb Loaf tinsPack of 40 liners..
€7.32 Ex VAT€5.95
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