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Pastry Cutters & Utensils

There are a huge amount of tools and equipment out there for baking, we offer a large selection of good quality baking utensils, mixing bowls, whisks and pastry cutters all professional quality at affordable prices, we ship all our baking equipment throughout Ireland and carriage is free on orders over €75 

Brand: Arcos
Made in Spain by Arcos, this professional range of kitchen gadgets are made to the highest standard.  They have a polypropylene handle and each has a hanging hole for storage. This decorating knife is used when cutting pastry and will leave a distinctive pattern, or for putting a nice julienne ..
€8.49 Ex VAT€6.90
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Ceramic baking beans from Kitchen craft are the easy way to blind bake. The ceramic beans conduct heat evenly so that, when placed in the base of a pastry case, they prevent the pastry shrinking in from the sides. They also ensure air bubbles do not appear in the base.  Kitchen Craft baking Bea..
€7.20 Ex VAT€5.85
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Perfect for cutting pastry and making jam tarts, mince pies, pastries, canapés, scones, and cookies, this Kitchen Craft set of seven reinforced pastry cutters features a dual fluted and plain edge for versatile, durable baking. The set includes a variety of sized cutters that nest together in the ha..
€6.58 Ex VAT€5.35
Brand: GenWare
This High Heat Rubber Blade Spatula has a plastic handle for excellent grip. The flexible, curved edge fits bowls and pots and allows you to scrape the sides clean as you mix and pour batter, sauces, and so on.  They are heat resistant up to 120°C and are available in 3 sizes.  The nylon h..
€8.86 Ex VAT€7.20
Brand: GenWare
This High Heat Rubber Blade Spoonula has a plastic handle for excellent grip. The spoon end is excellent for scooping out batter and other hot mixes.  They are a little more rigid then the flexi scraper but just as useful.  They are heat resistant up to 120°C and are available in 3 sizes.&..
€8.30 Ex VAT€6.75
Brand: Kitchen Craft
When baking crispy pies and pastries, we all know that an egg wash will give you that perfect golden finish. And how do you apply that egg wash? Using a good, old-fashioned pastry brush! This traditional pure-bristle pastry brush from KitchenCraft is perfect for the job. The natural bristles are gre..
€3.32 Ex VAT€2.70
Made by Matfer Bourgeat in France this spatula is durable and made to  Matfer's usual high standards, available in three sizes small 35cm medium 45cm and the large 50cm select the option you require, each is easily stored with the handy hanging hole at the end, the circle shaped end is perfect ..
€5.54 Ex VAT€4.50
Matfer Bourgeat are world leaders when it comes to bakeware utensils for the professional or the domestic chef or baker,  This flexi-head spatula is perfect for scraping out mixing bowls or tins, its flexible head means it's easier to scrap the bowl a lot cleaner with this spatula.  Availa..
€6.77 Ex VAT€5.50
Made in France Matfer Bourgeat are regarding as one of the worlds best in the culinary equipment market, their professional baking equipment are of the highest quality, this proofing basket will assure aeration of the dough during rising thanks to the Matfer special design.  This round proofing..
€26.81 Ex VAT€21.80
Available in two sizes small and medium with a heat resistance up to 220°C these spoonulas or spoon shaped spatulas are extremely handy for scraping scooping out of bowls, the spoon shaped head is flexible at the edges which will help when scraping out your mixing bowl or baking tin.Sizes Small 25cm..
€11.32 Ex VAT€9.20
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Four Measuring cups made from stainless steel ranging from ¼ of a tablespoon to a full tablespoon with external ml and cup measures for easy use. They are joined together with a key ring for easy storage.Easy storage4 cupsLightweightDurable and HardwearingEasy to clean..
€6.46 Ex VAT€5.25
Brand: Kitchen Craft
Four Measuring Spoons made from stainless steel ranging from ¼ of a tablespoon to a full tablespoon. They are joined by a key ring which makes them easier to store.Easy storage4 spoonLightweightDurable and HardwearingEasy to clean..
€5.29 Ex VAT€4.30
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