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Automatic Hand Sanitising Station
-13 %
An extremely robust hand sanitising station that can be conveniently left at your business entrance so any visitors, clients and staff can sanitise their hands upon entering.  The column is made from high quality coated steel with a heavy base plate for stability, the station comes with a refil..
€246.00 €215.25 Ex VAT€175.00
BIG K® Charcoal Briquettes 10kg
-26 %
Brand: Big K
BIG K® 100% natural compressed briquette charcoal perfect for your home or professional BBQ, BIG K® make there barbecue briquettes without binders, so there are no nasty chemicals to spoil the smokey flavour of your cooking.  The briquettes are compressed from waste saw dust and wood chips at e..
€29.21 €21.65 Ex VAT€17.60
Big K® Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg
Hot -12 %
Brand: Big K
Big K® Lumpwood Charcoal will take you to taste perfection every time you spark up your BBQ, this quality Lumpwood Charcoal is perfect for the casual home BBQ enthusiast, its versatile, giving you the flexibility to try out different grilling techniques, yet consistent and dependable.  With a c..
€28.04 €24.60 Ex VAT€20.00
Enclosed Pedal Bin
-17 %
This freestanding enclosed pedal operated bin is ideal for use in busy kitchens, it is available in white painted steel and is H820mm W405mm and D330mm.  The simple pedal system allows for hands-free use and is perfect for clearing plates and helps maintain cross-contamination in the kitchen. T..
€125.89 €104.55 Ex VAT€85.00
This freestanding enclosed pedal operated bin is ideal for use in many environments including catering and healthcare, it is available in white painted steel with a yellow lid which closes silently and slowly. The bin measures  820 mm High 405 mm Wide and 330 mm Deep.  The simple but robus..
€147.60 €135.30 Ex VAT€110.00
Gannon's Sterisafe Sterilising Fluid 5lt
Hot -5 %
Brand: Gannons
Gannon's Steri Safe is a chlorine based sanitiser similar to Milton sterilising fluid, for sterilising non-metallic work surfaces, cupboards, chopping boards, plastic utensils, fridges, freezers and floors. SteriSafe contains 2% Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid).  Take 50mls of SteriSafe Sanitizer a..
€8.55 €8.12 Ex VAT€6.60
Hand Sanitiser 5lt
Hot -20 %
Brand: Gannons
Gannons Hand Guard is an alcohol based hand sanitising gel, to be applied undiluted to hands for extra hygiene and when water is not available, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on the hands.  Gallon pumps can be purchased to dispense direct from the gallon container, wall mounted disp..
€53.81 €43.05 Ex VAT€35.00
Healthcare Trousers
-36 %
When your job requires you to be on your toes, 24*7, you cannot be dressed in a uniform that slackens your pace or your ability to perform your best. Perhaps, that's why healthcare professionals chose trousers as their workwear. And the Bootleg trousers from our collection are a proof of those profe..
€47.91 €30.75 Ex VAT€25.00
Infrared Thermometer DT8826
Hot -36 %
Suitable for use on Human's or on any object this non contact digital Infrared thermometer is the most hygienic and easy way to check anybody's temperature detecting quickly if they have any trace of fever.  It is essential during the current COVID-19 pandemic that both employee's and clients a..
€67.65 €43.05 Ex VAT€35.00
Kitchen Craft Oblong Grater
-36 %
Brand: Kitchen Craft
From Kitchen Craft comes a multi-purpose grater and storer set. The set includes four interchangeable stainless steel blades for coarse and fine grating, zesting and slicing, plus a useful collecting base.  Perfect for hygienic food preparation, the collecting base can then be used to store exc..
€15.38 €9.84 Ex VAT€8.00
Medical Scrub Top
-31 %
As a therapist, paramedic, or medical professional, there will definitely be no dearth of medical scrubs in your wardrobe. So why should you add another piece to your wardrobe?  We'd list the following reasons in favour of this medical scrub from Diamond Designs.  Comfort, practicality, st..
€36.10 €25.03 Ex VAT€20.35
Non-Stick Pizza Mould 24cm
-36 %
Brand: Pujadas
Made in Spain by Pujadas, this non-stick pizza mould is 24cm 9.5" in diameter and has a 2.5cm lip perfect for deep pan pizza's.  The non-stick coating makes it so easy to remove your pizza and is easy to clean just wipe with a warm cloth.Non-stick coatingPizza pan 24cmSuitable for deep base piz..
€16.79 €10.76 Ex VAT€8.75
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