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Amica Home Made Pizza Kit
-13 %
Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by pizza equipment specialist's Gi-Metal,  This " A Casa Mia" homemade pizza kit consist of a pizza peel, aluminium pizza tray and a cutting wheel, everything you need to make and serve your favourite pizza like your own Pizzeria.  The aluminium pizza peel has a 33cm head it ..
€82.10 €71.09 Ex VAT€57.80
Amica Pizza Peel
-14 %
Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by the pizza equipment specialist's Gi-Metal, this short handled pizza peel is ideal for home pizza ovens, the peel is made of aluminium, easy to clean and light to use.  The handle measures 25cm its comfortable to grip and practical.  The pizza peel head measures 33cm in dia..
€43.05 €36.90 Ex VAT€30.00
Amica Pizza Tray
-22 %
Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by pizza equipment specialist's Gi-Metal, this Aluminium pizza tray with hexagonal shape and petal edges, perfect for allowing the pizza wheel to slide easily and cutting the pizza into equal parts. The tray is the a support base for standard size pizzas (max 33 cm). The handles are in..
€39.36 €30.75 Ex VAT€25.00
Amica Rectangular Pizza Peel
-20 %
Brand: Gi-Metal
Made in Italy by the pizza specialists Gi-Metal, This rectangular pizza peel is part of our extensive pizza equipment range the Amica is designed for the domestic home pizza lover but is of the usual Gi-Metal quality. The lightweight pizza peel has a 32x30cm rectangular head and a 120cm handle in ri..
€35.92 €28.91 Ex VAT€23.50
Aspen Toughened Beer Glass 10oz (Box 24)
-23 %
Brand: Pasabache
When you want an new or alternative to the regular beer glasses out there, the Aspen 10oz beer glass is a stylish and sleek option, it's tall, slim and has a gently curving profile. Dishwasher safe the Aspen beer glass comes in boxes of 24.Made by PasabacheToughened for extra strengthDishwasher safe..
€80.20 €61.50 Ex VAT€50.00
Barfood Blackboard
-29 %
This selection of chalkboards come with the heading already printed on them with an attractive design around the edge instead of a frame.  This one promotes your menu of Bar food available, the dimensions of the blackboards are 24x30" and come without a frame, you can use both chalk or liquid c..
€49.14 €35.06 Ex VAT€28.50
Blue Steel Deep Pizza Pan 26CM
-30 %
A top quality pizza pan from Sambonet Paderno in Italy, Available in three sizes the medium is 26cm the large 30cm and the X large is 40cm.  Designed to use in any pizza oven they are great for even heat distribution while cooking your pizza.  the depth is 3.5cm with a slight tapered edge ..
€6.15 €4.31 Ex VAT€3.50
Bryta Dishwasher Powder 5kg
-17 %
Bryta dishwasher powder is suitable for use in all types of domestic and commercial dishwasher's, in a 5kg easy to store tub.Minimises re-washingTaste and odour freeRemoves tannin stainsPrevents scalingSpecially formulated for the professional catererBryta 5kg boxProfessional dishwasher powder..
€36.04 €30.07 Ex VAT€24.45
Carbon Steel Non-Stick Loaf Tin 1lb
-28 %
Brand: GenWare
A very heavy gauge traditional shaped loaf tin.  This Non-Stick carbon steel 1lb tin provides excellent baking results.  Once baked, your treats can effortlessly slide out of the tin, which can then be easily cleaned with no trouble. Perfect for any busy commercial bakery or home kitchen, ..
€8.86 €6.40 Ex VAT€5.20
Carlingford Scented Nightlights
-10 %
These scented nightlights from Carlingford create atmosphere and the scented fragrance captures the freshness of lemons.  They have an 8 hour burn time and are a superb quality nightlight.Quality candle8 hour burn timeLemon scented nightlight25 candles per pack..
€3.97 €3.57 Ex VAT€2.90
Cuton Hand Wash 1lt
-25 %
Cutan hand wash lotion is a lightly perfumed soap for frequent use.  Ideal for use in all healthcare environments where high levels of hand hygiene are vital.Capacity 6x1lt bottlesHigh quality smooth lotionPleasant to useContains glycerinLightly perfumed..
€139.97 €105.02 Ex VAT€85.38
Hand Sanitiser 5lt
Hot -31 %
Brand: Gannons
Gannons Hand Guard is an alcohol based hand sanitising gel, to be applied undiluted to hands for extra hygiene and when water is not available, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on the hands.  Gallon pumps can be purchased to dispense direct from the gallon container, wall mounted disp..
€53.81 €36.90 Ex VAT€30.00
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